Fresh stone crabs, airfreighted from Miami, are available on order from The Wisconsin Avenue Wharf.

The fish market has a wide assortment of fresh fish, available in only a few other stores in the Washington area: turtle steaks, kingfish steaks, sturgeon, scrod, pompano.

It also carries finnan baddie, dolphin fillets, fresh Iranian Beluga caviar (by order), and squid, along with the standard fish and shellfish items.

The market, at 8125 Winconsin Ave., is open seven days a week.

While it is unusual for us to recommend products in these pages, a recent sampling of a new style of rice has led us to speak up. The rice is Konriko Louisiana Wild Pecan Rice and it is truly remarkable in texture, smell and taste. According to the producers, the Conrad Rice Mill in Louisiana, the seed came from India. They claim for it a "distinctive nutty aroma and flavor." It has that. Its color is almost tan, the grains distinct and closer in shape to wild rice than to conventional long-grain rice. It is cooked, however, in the same manner as long-grain rice.

The rice available from the mill through direct mail at $4.95 per pound, postpaid. The address is 307 Ann St., New Iberia, La. 70560. The manufacturers recommend serving the rice "all by itself" rather than in casseroles or soups. At that price, you wouldn't want to serve it any other way.

Action for Children's Television (ACT) has developed a bilingual poster designed to teach both Spanish- and English-speaking children that good foods are as much fun to eat as those advertised on television.

Only 2 per cent of the commercials on children's television are for nutritious foods, the consumer organization said.

"Although children need a balanced diet in order to be healthy, the most persuaive form of nutrition education comes from exposure to thousands of TV commercials that promote super-sweet snacks and cereals."

The "Nutrition Games," or "Jueges de nutricion," poster depicts anecdotes, rhymes, even quick recipes using nutritious foods.

The poster is supplemented by a set of bilingual educational materials for parents and teachers to reinforce better eating habits. The material is available for $2 from: ACT, 46 Austin St., Newtonville, Mass. 01260.