The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center opened its season at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall on Saturday with the elegant sort of music-making one has become accustomed to from them. Perhaps we are spoiled. We have come to expect the best and we seem to get it. But this in no way diminishes the pleasure and wonder as each instrumental combination seems to project yet another special feeling of intimate ensemble.

Saturday's concert began with the Mozart Oboe Quartet played jauntily by oboist Leonard Arner, violinist Jaime Laredo, violist Walter Trampler, and cellist Leslie Parnas.

Arner next joined forces with bassoonist Loren Glickman and pianist Richard Goode for a romp through Poulenc's playful trio. If the first movement moved faster than the car would follow, it did so with impeccable accuracy and a sort of naughty glee.

If anything in this rarefield company could be considered a high point, it would have to be the collaboration of Goode with pianist Charles Wadsworth for Schubert's F Minor Fantasy for Piano, Four Hands, Opus 103.

Oozing Vienna from every pore, this music, with its delicious tonal ambiguities, was played with all the lyricism, all the delicacy, and all the care one could possibly hope for.

A powerful and exciting performance of Yvorak's E Flat Major Piano Quartet wrapped up the program.