"Who's Who," the news magazine program which CBS hoped would give a lift to its sagging evening ratings, finished 59th out of 62 shows in its premiere last weeK. The program stars Dan Rather, Barbara Howar and Charles Kuralt.

CBS finished third in the ratings for the week of January 3-9. It had a 20.1 rating compared to NBC's 20.2. NBC was probably helped by a big leas in Sunday night following the Supper Bowl."

ABC continued its fairly consistent domination of the first 16 weeks of the season with a 21.4.

One of the interesting developments of the week was the strong showing of NBC's three-hour documentary "Violence in America." It garnered a 20.9 rating, a 32 share and was the 33rd-ranked show of the week. Documentaries, especially 3-hour ones, are usually death in the ratings.

The top 10 last week were: 1) "Happy Days" (ABC); 2) "Laverne and Snirley" (ABC); 3) "M*A*S*H" (CBS); 4) "NBC Big Event - Raid on Entebbe"; 5) "One Day at a Time" (CBS); 6) "ABC Monday Night at the Movies - Green Eyes"; 7) "Welcome Back, Kotter" (ABC); 8) "All in the Family" (CBS); 9) "The Wonderful World of Disney" (NBC) and tied for 10th place: "Charlie's Angels" (ABC); "What's Happening" (ABC) and "60 Minutes (CBS).