About 10:15 yesterday morning, while driving to work with a few friends, Moussa Moaadel heard on the car radio that he had won the bidding for the purchase of President Fords' home in Alexandria.

"I couldn't believe my ears," said the 34-year-old real estate salesman, a native of Teheran, Iran."The radio had said the night before that the house had been sold, but I didn't think I had a chance."

Moaadel, who works for Shannon Ford house on Dec. 8, making a down and Luchs, submitted a bid on the payment of $14,000 to Previews Inc., the firm handling the sale, and kept his fingers crossed.

The sale price of the house will be $137,000 and with other fees the total should run to about $145,000.

Moaadel, not yet an American citizen but a permanent resident of the United States, said he came to this country five years ago. He now lives alone in Bethesda.

"I am not one of the rich people from Iran. My family was average," he said. "I worked hard, I came to America a poor student."

The settlement for the Ford home at 514 Crown View Drive, Alexandria, will be in 25 day and Moaadel is sure he will have a certified check ready.

Moaadel would not disclose where the money is coming from but said, "I made a good salary on commissions last year and I have very good credit."

Colleagues at Shannon and Luchs said Moaadel is an excellent, successful rela estate salesman.

He plans to get married and will live in the Ford home. The swimming pool appealed to Moaadel, who says, "I like to swim. I'm an outdoor man.

"To me, with my background, the head of government is a very important person," said Moaadel, who is taking a course in "Real Estate Strategy" at American University. "I am very honored and very delighted. It's the most important pleasure I have ever had in my life."

Still excited but a little bit weary from the sudden exposure, Moaadel said, "Some day I would like to sit down and tell the story. I was a poor boy from Iran when I came here five years ago, and now, it's just been wonderful."

The colonial-style brick and clapboard house has four bedrooms, two full baths, four half bathrooms, a living room with a fireplace, den, kitchen, dining room and pine-paneled recreation room. The Fords put the house on the market in early December and will receive the price asked for it.

The house had been rented for the past two years to LaVerne Rosenthal, an executive assistant to a member of the National Transportation Safety Board, who had been paying about $600 a month.