A series of wine classes has been announced by the University of Maryland's University College in College Park. A four-session class on the Wines of Germany begins Monday, Jan. 24, and will meet for the next three Mondays at 7 p.m. The fee is $45.

The Wines of France will be studied by dividing them into three parts. Part 1, four Mondays beginning Feb. 21, will cover Bordeaux. Part II, four Mondays beginning Mar. 21, is devoted to Burgundy and the Loire and Part III, four Mondays beginning April 18, concerns the "Lesser Known Wines of France." The fee of each part is $45. Classes, taught by Dr. Hamilton Mowbray, include tastings of the wines discussed. For further information call 454-4712.

A free, at-home "Wine Information Course" has been published by the California Wine Institute. It contains information on the history and variteties of California wines. There are question and answer sheets for self-evluation. For an application form, write the Wine Institute, 165 Post St., San Francisco, Calif 94108.

The Wine Museum in San Francisco, which mounted a popular display dedicated to Thomas Jefferson during the Bicentennial, has come up with a new exhibit that is certain to be amusing. Director Ernest G. Mittelberger has gathered a collection of 50 cartoons on wine from The New Yorker magazine. Artists include James Thurber, Peter Arno, Steig and Price. The cartoons span 50 years. For visitors to San Francisco, the museum is located at 633 Beach St., on the waterfront. Admission is free and it is closed only on Mondays.

For those who would read about wine and food, Jan Longone's Wine and Food Library, 1207 W. Madison St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 48103, has published an impressive catalog of "old, rare, unusual, interesting and out-of-print" books and pamphlets. It is available from the store for $2.50.

For those whose interest in wine is financial as well as scholarly, there is a new publication. It is called The Wine Investor and is published bi-monthly at 2226 Washington St., San Francisco, Calif. 94115. Charter subscriptions are $60 per year. The publication will feature a column by Louis R. Gomberg, blind tastings to recommend best values, securities analysis and financial ratings of companies, real estate reports. The Wine Investor is geared to "Everyone with a financial interest in wine . . . and that select group of consumers with large personal wine cellars"