The latest from Federico Fellini, a $10-million costume epic titled "Fellini's Casanova," will open an exclusive first -run engagement at the K.B Fine Arts on Wednesday, Feb. 16. Donald Sutherland, severely made-up and coiffed, plays the 18th century Venetian libertine, whom Fellini has evidently desired to roast for many years, while also reveling in some of the luxury and sensuality of his period. Fellini's principal scenic collaborators were the great cinematographers Guiseppe Rotunno and Production designer Dabilo Donati.

The current, sturdy attraction a the Fine Arts, "The Seven-Per-Cent Solution," begins a multiple second-run Feb. 16 at several area theaters, including a crosstown transfer to the K.B MacArthur, Hal Ashby's "Bound for Glory," apparently a far more admiring movie biography, with David Carradine playing Woody Guthrie, opens the same day at the Jenifer 1.

"Freaky Friday," a Disney version of the Mary Rodgers fantasy about a 24-hours exchange of identities between a mother and her adolescent daughter, co-starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, is scheduled to arrive Friday, Feb. 4, at the Acedemy 1 & 2, Landover Mall 1 & 2, Marlow, Springfield Cinema, Tyson's Cinema and WHeaton Plaza 1. "Fun With Dick and Jane," a farce about an outlaw suburban couple played by George Segal and Jane Fonda, opens at eight area theaters on Wednesday, Feb. 9.

George Roy Hill's "Slap Shot," starring Paul Newman as the player-coach of a minor-league hockey team in Johnstown, Pa., seems to have been moved back from a February opening to the Easter rush, where it will arrive in the company of "Black Sunday," Airport 1977," "The Eagle Has Landed," "Demon Seed," "Joseph Andrews," "The Slipper and the Rose" and "Raggedy Ann & Andy," among other attractions. The last Hill-Newman get-together, "The Sting," is also being reiisued by Universal this spring and summer. The Key's revival of "Children of Paradise" has been postponed to Feb. 16, due to an extension of the run of "Solaris."

The Corcoran School of Arts has announced two courses in filmmaking for the spring semester. Both will be taught by local filmmaker Michael Day. The first is designed for beginning students using Super 8mm equipment. The technical instruction will be augmented by discussions of movie esthetics and screenings of films by Chaplin, Welles, Truffaut, Jordan Belson and Bruce Baillie, among others.

The second course is aimed at students with previous filmmaking experience. According to the prospectus, the emphasis will be placed on genres, visual styles, sound, lighting, editing, structure and rephotography. The beginning course meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m. and the Wednesdays at the same time. The fee for each is $275. Information at 628-9484.

Carl Colby, Day's collaborator on the award-winning Mardi Gras short "Fat Tuesday," will again be teaching two courses, "The Cinema as Art" and "Documentary Film Production," at the Georgetown University Continuing Education Center in Rosslyn.

The former meets for 10 sessions beginning Tuesday, Feb. 15, at 7 p.m. and the latter for 10 sessions beginning Wednesday, Feb. 16, at the same time. The three-hour sessions usually include screenings of classics films. Tuition for either course is $70. Information at 625-3001.

A Georgetown course announced in last week's Film Notes, "The Movies: Script to Cinema," has come into sharper focus. The instructor, Shelton Tromberg, has arranged with officials of Allied Artists to concentrate on the production and distribution history of their last important release, John Huston's movie version of "The Man Who Would Be King," which happens to be in revival now at the K-B MacArthur. Three officials of the company - Seymour A. Lesser, treasurer and chief financial officer; Michael H. Gerber, corporate counsel and secretary; and Edward Siegenfeld, vice president in charge of advertising and publicity - have already agreed to speak during the seven-week course, and four colleagues yet to be announced will fill out the roster, presumably offering a comprehensive view of how movies are financed and marketed. The first session meets Monday, Feb. 14. The number fofor prospective students is 625-3001.