"Association for Bio-Cosmological Research presents a two day conference: HEALING AND HEALTH IN THE AGE TO COME. Jan. 22 and 23, 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day. Tantra . . . Aikido . . . Tai Chi . . . telepathic games . . . do-in . . .

"Think of yourself at a tree," said Elisha Imlay to his seven pupils in the workshop on Thought in Healing at George Washington University yesterday. "Your leaves are taking energy from the air and your roots from the earth. Breathe out and feel the magnetic power of earth flowing up through your feet and your weight flowing down. You are like an accordion between the magnetisms of earth and air."

Imlay, a Sufi initiate, suggested that the four elements of the ancient world, earth, air, fire and water, are important in our lives today, that they are all, even the air and light, a form of food we take into our bodies, should be recognized and listened to.

His was one of six workshops in various health techniques. In effect samplers conducted by therapists and healers who conduct regular classes around the Washington area. The conference - co-sponsored by the University Parapsychology Research Society - drew about 80 people. It was led by Hal Sager, who himself taught a session in iridology, the detection of bodily changes and ailments by study of the irises.

His group, 16 strong was the largest session yesterday morning. He showed a picture of an iris, pointed to marks that he said indicated heart weakness, a lesion in the thyroid gland area, trouble in the bowel. He showed charts and diagrams.

. . . Practical astrology . . . ginsia jywtsu . . . astronumerology . . . Kerygmatic Synchrony . . . Bach flower-reinedies . . . wheat-grass detoxification . . . Bio-Rhythm . . . acupuncture . . . reflexology . . . pyramid experiments . . . homeopathic medicine . . . Suji chanting and dancing . . . Rajneesh cloutic meditation . . . Mau tra yoga . . . raw food diet . . . walking meditation . . .

In another room Robert Coleman, a former IBM executive who for the past several years has been teaching yoga, and doing massage and re-evaluation co-counseling (a mutual therapy technique), was teaching five people how to release tension. They sat, eyes closed, in a ring.

"Very gently now, picture your hands and your arms," he said in a soothing voice, "as you tell them to relax, and the arms completely and gently relax. Relax completely. Relax. Vehy gently now,visualize the pelvic area of your body and very gently tell it to relax. Pelvic area, relax! Completely and gently relax . . . "

Later he discussed the "early warning signs" of tension, how to spot and deal with them. A simple way to relax the eyes: Rub the hands together briskly, creating friction heat, then place the palms over the eyelids.

Down the hall Michael Rossoff was talking macrobiotics which he called "one of the most misunderstood words," being, as he put it, simply "how to live in natural rapport with your environment."

It is not a diet, he added, but rather "a way of eating to keep that rapport," featuring whole grains and ways of cooking that do not destroy food values. His two-hour workshop also dipped into Oriental visual diagnosis methods.

. . . Psychic music . . . Bio-Energetics . . . Somatonic massage . . . color therapy . . . polarity therapy . . . Shiatsu . . . nutrition . . . physical attenment . . . psychic healing . . . palmistry . . . auric massage . . . Kundakini yoga . . . physiology of medicative . . . I Ching . . . Japanese vibration . . . lunar cycle birth control . . . Kizesiology . . . preventive medicine . . . mineral detoxification . . . Sat sang . . . prenatal release . . . senior citizens yoga and relaxation . . .

Three women and a man lay on the floor in Andrew Garnes' course in Fedenkrais body awareness.

Resting on their sides, they swept their free arms slowly back and forth, gradually letting back and head join in the fluid movement.

"There's a certain point where the hand wants to go over," he murmured, "where the arm wants to rotate. See if you can find that point and go with it. And if the hand wants to turn over, maybe the head wants to do something, too."

At the end, standing up everyone noted a difference between their left and right sides. "Moshe Feldenkrais says the side that feels best is your true self."

One woman told Caines he was "much - kinder that Moshe - he always scolded us if we weren't doing it right." Then Gaines demonstrated the Feldenkrais method of touching people, gently guiding, sensing any resistance, working around it.

Gaines gives classes in this discipline and others, operating out of the Center for Body Studies, 3416 Livingston St. NW.

In the next room Dr. Caroline Sperling was running a sample body-reading workshop in Bia-Energetics. Pairs of people were studying each other's bare feet and ankles, trying to "understand the personality in terms of the body."

"How do you reach for others?" her brochure asks. "We live in a bind: We must love, but are we lovable? How do we manage to get so much hurt and so little loving?"

Sperling, with a Bryn Mawr degree and a doctorate in psychoeducational processes from Temple, runs Arlington Encounter Growth Groups in that city with he husband Sid, an engineer and inventor with "more than 10 years in the human potential movement."

. . . Tarot symbolism . . . etheric therapy . . . experimental films . . . naturopathy . . . spiritual healing . . . group healing . . . singing therapy . . . Hatha yoga . . . Iridolegy . . . Vedic meditation . . . Radiesthesis . . . psychosomatic medicine . . . herbal medicine . . . Tibetan Buddhism . . . Oriental dancing . . . music healing . . . vegetarian meals . . .

Sikhs from the Golden Temple restaurant were preparing an organic lunch to be washed down with ginseng root beer and other bottled drinks. On tables around the common room: pinhole glasses, Raymax Lawn Mats ("when Your Feet Feel Good, YOU Feel Good"), books by Lao Tse, Krishnamurti, Gibran, Castaneda, "The Science of the Aura," "The Techiques of Astral Projection."

"Of course not all the stuff on the [WORD ILLEGIBLE] is done at any one session," said staffer Larry Fallon. "We've been having these once a month more [WORD ILLEGIBLE] since last spring. Admission today at the door of Marvin C [WORD ILLEGIBLE]

It's kind of a clearing us [WORD ILLEGIBLE] these techniques and the people who teach them around here. Wish you could be here for Joel Andrews. He's a concert harpist who worked with the Edgar Cayce people and channels healing music from the spirits . . . "