Only nine more group gifts have gurgled through the pipeline, but the bottom line figure is better than our recent average for a one-day span.

The Greenbriar Carolers of Fairfax raised $33. The Washington alumnae chapter of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority chipped in $35. The Tech Data and Document Production Coffee Fund at Northrop Page Communications Engineers sweetened the pot with $50. Another $50 arrived from Albuquerque with the best wishes of the Southwestern and Virginia Chapters of the Royal Order of Alaskan Huskies.

The Puerto Rican American Women's League helped us along with $100, and another $100 was contributed by the Association of American Foreign Service Women. Employees of Howard University's Physical Plant Department got up a kitty of $150 for the children.

The Aplha Beta Gamma Club was started in 1945 by six 12-year-old girls. During its life cycle it raised many thousands of dollars for charity, but as the years passed, its members drifted apart, and this week Alpha Beta Gamma breathed its last. The $520.95 in its treasury was sent to me for Children's Hospital.

One biggest boost of the day came from Ft. Belvoir's MERADCOM, which is Army lingo for Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command. Women in the MERSDCOM Technical Library organized a shopping junket to Pennsylvania that made some money, and more was earned by the common agreement not ot exchange intramural holiday cards. Result: An inch-thick stack of checks that added up to $901.

So the tally for only nine group gifts comes to a healthy $1,939.95. There were also 23 contributions totaling $494.88 from individuals bringing our day's receipts to $2,484.83. Having begun the day with $149,466.01, our shoe-box now holds $151,900.84. But Jan. 31 is practically upon us and we remain $20,000 short of last year's total.