Elizabeth Taylor Warner told guests at the hearts of God Ball here Saturdday that her welcome to Virginia had been so warm she felt she had finally "come to nest."

But leaving her Atoka, Va., "nest" to go to Richmond with her husband, former Bicentennial chief John Warner, had not been easy. Their flight was canceled because of the weather and the Warners rejected offers of a limousine and ontinued the trip on Greyhound bus. "Why not?," Taylor asked. "I'd never ridden one before." At the end of the trip she dashed into the ladies room of the bus terminal to apply fresh makeup, then off with her husband, who is expected to announce as a candidate for Virginia Senator, to visit Gov. Mills Godwin.

This was the second annual ball for the Richmond area American Heart Association. Last year, according to committeeman J.B. Campbell, about 70 persons attended. This year, with the Warners as honorary chairmen, ticket sales were almost as slow - until word got out that Mrs. Warner was, in fact, Elizabeth Taylor. That brought a sell out crowd of 500.

At the party for ball patrons at Boxwood, the Michael Ballentine residence, some guests dug spike heels into dining room chairs to get a better angle of the actress, who cradled an injured right hand, for their cameras. Taylor was wearing a Cleopatra-style gold-trimmed white gown she first said was by "that great English designer Bill Blass," and later corrected the name to "Bill Gibbs."

John Warner signed Taylor's dance card for the first and third dance, but once they were on the dance floor others informally cut in Richmond physician David C. Forest told Taylor that after seeing "National Velvet" he bought 25 race horses. Taylor said she'd be around to see the doctor professionally at a later date.

Guests arrived at both the patrons' poarty and the ball armed with Polaroid cameras and sheets of paper for autographs. One woman at theparty grabbed Taylor for a hug, then swung her around so the occasion could be photographed by fuest's husband.

The party was obviously good hunting grounds for Virginia politicians. Present were Chuck Robb, who is running for Lieutenant Governor, his wife, Lynda Bird Robb, and Andrew Miller, Democratic candidate for Governor.