"The Andros Targets," which is supposed to be about an investigative reporter for a New York daily, is really just another TV cop show in disguise, and about as hard-hitting as the Reader's Digest's "Humor in Uniform." The new CBS series is part of the price America will have to pay for making a hit movie out of "All the President's Men."

It premieres on Channel 9 at 10 o'clock tonight.

Mike Andros, played by James Sutorius, is one heck of a reporter and a nice guy, too; he plays football with little boys and a priest when he isn't out blowing the lid right off the town, or responding to the sniffles and stammers of a sad old daddy whose little girl made naughty movies.

At the fictitious New YOrk Forum, people rush up to the rumpled Andros with, "Mike! I've got a great idea for an expose!" And editors can be heard to bray, "Fifteen minutes to deadline! Paragraphs please!" In the course of getting the low-down, Andros is not above concealing the fact that he is a reporter or impresonating someone else, but tactics that are considered something less than ethical in the real world.

Though it benefits from on-location New York filming, "Andros" boils down to routine cop show shenanigans. The premiere seems unnecessarily violent and sordid, with a girl leaping off a cliff in the first 10 seconds and a particularly repulsive scene in which the slimy and vile porno film maker forces poor old daddy to look at hardcore footage of his dead daughter.

Of course, it could have been worse. They could have made him sitthrough all of "The Andros Targets."