After weeks of pondering, the Senate Rules Committee finally has come up with a special two-room suite on the east front of the Capitol to serve as Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey's "leadership office."

The rooms previously were used as "hideaway offices" by senators who had retired or been defeated for reelection, a Humphrey aide said.

"The senator is pleased. There is adequate space," he said.

Humphrey was voted the extra rooms, as well as some extra staff help, the title of deputy president protem of the Senate, a chauffered limousine and a salary boost from $44,600 to $52,000 after he withdrew from the majority leader race against Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-W. Va.).

He was given these special honors and perquisites in view of his role as elder statesman, based on his service as vice president from 1965-69.

An aide said he already has the limousine, the extra staff and the title; his pay raise will go into effect retroactively as soon as an appropriation is voted, and now he has the rooms. Where he would be given the space - and whether someone would be bumped to make way for him - was a major topic of speculation in the Senate for several weeks.

His rooms will face the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress and overlook the east plaza of the Capitol.