It's lucky for Nancy Walker that she's kept her paper-towel concession. "Blansky's Beauties," her second new ABC comedy series of the season, is worse than the first.

The premiere, at 8 o'clock tonight on Channel 7, suggests that the hit-making machine which stamped out "Happy Days" and "Laverne and Shirley" is starting to sputter and wheeze from strain. A bunch of the boys whoop these things up at Paramount, and they had already over-extended themselves when they unveiled "Busting Loose" last month on CBS.

"Beauties," has Walker playing the overworked Mrs. Blansky, who stages shows at a ficitious Las Vegas night club called The Oasis. So many foils have been devised for Walker and introduced in the premiere that the show becomes a simple and simple-minded parade. It doesn't take long to discern that the formula is as stale as its ingredients.

The cuties of the chorus are straight from the cutie-cutter. There's a dumb-dumb blonde with a horse laugh ("Bambi Benton") a tall, tough black who says "I'm cool" ("Jackie Outlaw"), and a sweet little klutz named "Sunshine Akalino,' who falls down and ruins the show but everybody loves her just the same.

The premiere is also encumbered with a quick visit from Roz Kelly as Pinky Tuscadero of "Happy Days" - and of and of any other ABC shows that are in trouble. She says 'piece of cake," "what's shakin'" and clicks her fingers. At this, the artificial audience roars. It's the only kind of crowd for "Blansky's Beauties."