Theatre X is an experimental theater group expected soon to move from Milwaukee to Baltimore. Tonight and Sunday at 8 p.m. it will repeat "The Wreck: A Romance" in the third floor open space of Washington Project for the Arts, 1227 G St., N. W.

Inspired by Adrienne Rich's poem, "Diving Into the Wreck," the five-member collective employs words, movement,music and mime to convey an illusion witnessed by a fisherman as he casts his line over a ghost-haunted sunken vessel. Two young lovers are caught in the romantic, ghostly net, a spell bound to be ended.

While words and poetic images are the essentials, the movements and occasional song are vital to the whole, performed before adroitly-lighted curtains and upon a blue floor cloth, which black-garbed men flick into waves.

The players are Arleen Kalenich and John Schneider as the ghosts, Flora COker as the woman diver, William Dafore as the hero and John Kishline as the Fisherman. The movements of the first four are impressive and so is the speech of Kishline, whose Fisherman most of the time is immobilized.Apart from Kishline's excellent speech, that of the others lacks articulation.

Describing the X of their title as theater's "unknown factor, the thing that can change as we change," the performers might well consider as a known factor to be resolved, their inability to articulate clearly. When a poem is the inspiration for a work encompassing several arts, speech cannot be minimized. Here the physical movement is skilled, the speech foggy and flat.

Phone reservations may be made at 347-8304.