Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

As everyone knows, over the last three years former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was a difficult man to pin down.

Even the Weismann Institute of Science, Israel's famous research center, had to wait that long to confer an honorary degree on Kissinger. But Thursday night at the Madison Hotel, Kissinger, who has settled for at least six months at Georgetown University, received a Ph. D.

"How can I ever forget the distrustful eye (former Israeli Prime Minister) Golda Meir cast on me," said Kissinger jokingly as he recalled his recent role in the Middle East. Discussing the themes of peace justice "as part of Jewish history." Kissinger said, "The biggest problem in our time is peace. The biggest challenge is to combine peace with justice."

Among the guests were Nobel Prize winning scientists Christian B. Anfinsen, Julius Axelrod and Isidor Rabi, Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-Minn.), who received a warm ovation from Kissinger, Rep. Clarence Long (D-Md.), former Secretary of Transportation William T. Coleman and attorney Benjamin V. Cohen, who was introduced as the "Father of the New Deal."

The award was given to Kissinger "as the principal architect of international conciliation. He has struggled to take the Middle East out of its error of conflict into a new age of peace and development."