Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

Whoever it was that put together Tuesday's sold-out show at Constitution Hall had to have had a pretty strange sense of humor. Only a prankster could have come up with a bill that matched a group called Bread with a group called Jelly.

Bread, of course, is the name more likely to be familiar with the audience until 1974, when they broke up for a three-year spell, they were one of the most popular soft-pop acts in the nation. The current tour, the first since the remains finds them stronger than ever thanks mostly to the addition of a superb young guitarist named Jean Parks.

Until Thursday, it was tempting to dismiss [WORD ILLEGIBLE] as a rather punchless unit came of producing only the blanders of music. But with Parks on stage alongside the group's four original members. Bread at last has an antidote for the sappiness that always seems to run in the tunes written by singer-song writer David Gates.

Gates, who with singer-guitarist James Griffin is responsible for most of Bread's biggest hits, has a pleasant if undistinguished voice but is best suited to grushy romantic ballads. Most of the songs Bread performed Tuesday, from "Make It With You" to the later "Hooked On You" and "Lost Without Your Love," fell into that category meaning that Gates was out front during most of the group's hour-plus set.