YES, OH YES. Jon Peters has asked and Barbra Streisand has said yes to marriage. Meanwhile Jimmy Carter has asked and Yale president Kingman Brewster has said yes to the ambassadorship to Great Britain. Just to make sure, Carter has asked and Prime Minister James Callaghan has said yes to Brewstar at the Court of St. James. So look for both announcements in the next few weeks. But probably not on the same day.

DIVINE GUIDANCE. How come the Reverend Thomas Bowers of Atlanta's St. Luke's Episcopal Church gets to announce Jimmy Carter appointments? What's only rumor in D.C., Father Bowers announced last Sunday from the pulpit. Beginning with "President Carter has laid a heavy hand on our church . . ." Bowers went on to announce as apparent fact the appointments of Anne Cox Chambers, Phillip Alston and John Moore as ambassador to Belgium, ambassador to Australia and president of the Export-Import Bank, respectively. Chambers and Alston, both parishioners, were not there, but Moore was and at Father Bowers' urging stood up to receive a round oa applause from the congregation.

Privately, however, Chambers' friends are a little surprised she didn't do better for herself. "We thought she'd get France when we heard she was taking French lessions. Of course, she doesn't have experience, but then neither did Perle Mesta," is how one pal put it.

The only woe in this Southern arrangement is - once again - the Pidemont Driving Club. If you recall, the brouhaha over Piedmont's exclusive membership make-up caused both Griffin Bell and Bert Lance to resign their memberships when they joined the Carter administration, so it looks as if Alston and Moore, also members, will have to do the same.

Likewise Anne Chambers' husband Bobby. It's an all-male club, you know.

Some Piedmont members have yet to figure out why the resignations are really necessary.

"Why, shoot, the Driving Club is really just a nice, old private club we all belong to, which, unfortunately, has no Jewish or black members," explained one Piedmont pillar. "And the worst part about it is that by resigning the members will all lose their $3,500 membership fee and just have to pay it again when they rejoin." Indeed.