Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

A capacity crowd of 2,000 greeted Kate and Anna McGarrigle with quite attentiveness at the Warner Theater Tuesday night on their first major tour and following the release or thei second album, "Dancer With Bruised Kness," the McGarrigles played sensitive, low-key melodies reflecting their taste for blues and folk music.

The beat picked up with the sisters' "Lament Pour St. Catherine". A Continental hit from their first album, "Lament" was the only number Tuesday night overtly reminiscent of their Quebec origin.

But the audience's favorite was obviously "Heart Like a Wheel" written by Anna and recorded on their first album, but made popular by Linda Ronstadt. Perhaps this familiar song will increase the popularity of the up-and-coming McGarrigles - as yet as bit obscure.

When Bonnie Raitt reached the stage, however, the theater quickly filled with whistling cheers and bouncing chairs. The pacing was excellent as she interspersed tunes like the upbeat "Good Enough" with the bluesy ballad "Nothing Seems to Matter Without You."

Then Raitt introduced "My Opening Farewell", a Jackson Browne tune she just recorded on her newly released "Sweet Forgiveness" album. The crowd loved it.

There were many more, including the calypso beat of "I Can Understand Why a Woman Must Have an Outside Man". All so memorable, all so Bonnie Raitt.