When I hear a Leonard Bernstein here, I'm inclined to regret that he was concentrated on his conducting. The fresand wit of his Wonderful Town" music is on the (WORD ILLEGIBLE) stage for the next two weeks there are popular, sophisticated with lyrics by Comden and (WORD ILLEGIBLE)

This is the one adapted from Ruth Kenny's New Yorker pieces about sisters from Ohio who come to try in Greenwich Village, called "My sister Eileen" She of the title is the pretty innocent, and Ruth is the wise (WORD ILLEGIBLE) whose candor attracts, among other things, the Brizilian Navy and a (WORD ILLEGIBLE) Conga line. Edie Adams was the 53 Eileen (with Rosalind Russell as Ruth), and Carol Channing, followed at the Winter Garden, later playing it at the National.

The Bernstein-Comden-Green trio (WORD ILLEGIBLE) for variety in roaming Gotham: Christopher Street" "Conquering the City", "Wrong Note Rag" and Swing" "Why, oh why, ohwhy oh, did we ever leave Ohio" sing the sisters in a ditty meant as satire but so smooth a duet that it suffers the same fate as Cole Porter's "Wunderbar": It's taken seriously. There are Ruth's mocking "One Hundered Ways to Lose a Man" and her "Story Vignettes" There are ballads: "A Quiet Girl," There is exuberance: "It's Love." There is a football song, "Pass That Football," and the quintet, "Conversation Piece"

Musicals being a once-a-year thing at Catholic Universtiy, the cast is rathe gingery anout their unfamiliar style. But fortunately, there is a good actress for Ruth, Christi Warnick, a winsomely pretty one for Eileen, Debra Spurlock and an excellent actor for Wreck, Christopher Clark, who had done fine work all season at the Hartke. joseph Gimiano sings pleasantly as the publisher and Blaise Corrigan is nice and sly as the flip journalist.

Director Edward Cashman drives his company with awareness of the style's proper pacing and Maureen Codelks has good temi for her orchestra. The endless details of a musical will be better mastered now that the opening is over. The run ends May 1 (the date Comden and Green will be doing their own revue at the Kreeger as an Aena Stage benefit). phone reservations for the Hartke: 635-5367.