ATTENTION CLAY FELKER. The staff at Rolling Stone is "just crushed" over news of publisher Jumpin' Joe Armstrong's resignation yesterday. "Everybody just freaked out" said one staffer. "We all know how much Joe loves this job and Jann Wenner, RS editor) should have tried harder to make Joe stay." Although according to one source Armstrong had been thinking of going out on his own for some time his departure was hastened because of the Rolling Stone 10th anniversary TV special now in the works.

Armstrong, along with producer/ writer Steve Bender and executive producer Wenner, had been intimately involved with the show from its inception. But last week, according to sources, Wenner informed Armstrong the credits would go to only himself and Bender.

Well, that was it for Armstrong and may be it for much of Wenner's staff as well. As one put it: "We all expect Jann to just get some maintenance man in here as publisher. And then we'll just wait until Joe gets set up somewhere on his own and go work for him."

Did you know that last year during the energy crisis socialite Deeda Blair kept her outdoor swimming pool heated hot enough to make your blood boil. Or whatever.

This news will probably ruin Pamela Harriman's day, but it looks like Brooke Hayward's "Haywire" is going to television.All three networks are said to be bidding on the bestseller to be done as a 68 part series. And nomatter which network gets it, Brooke's brother Bill Hayward will produce. Frank Pierson will be executive produce and will probably write and direct, according to Brooke. Don't expect any cameo roles from Pamela.