Suddenly it seems right to leave your jewelry in the drawer and start wearing flowers. Flowers on the lapel update last year's blazer. Flowers in the hair, around the neck, at the wrist or the ankle are appropriate with the new softer clothes, bare necklines and certainly tropical looks.

The best flowers are ones you can pick fresh from your garden, but the stores are filled with varieties from the very real looking to pure fantasy. Display houses such as the Baltimore Display Industries and variety stores have more modestly priced flowers that one can work into individual designs. CAPTION: Flowers, Illustration 1, clockwise from upper left: Fresh violets on a blazer lapel; Illustration 2, multicolor plastic flower stickpin from Casual Corner ($4); Illustration 3, fabric flower on black braid choker from Hecht's ($5) and peach fabric camelia pin from Miss Harper's ($4); Illustration 4, floral wreath in the hair by Diane Love from bloomingdale's ($14) and yellow ribbon belt with flowers from Garfinckel's ($22); Illustration 5, white flower on gold fabric choker from Bloomingdale's ($45); Illustration 6, red plastic flower combe from Hecht's ($3) and flowers on blue ribbon from Garfinckel's ($5); Illustration 7, white flowers on a red cord worn at an ankle could also be worn at the wrist or around the neck, from Hecht's ($5); Illustration 8, pale pink silk drawstring bag has satin cord that ends in flowers ($45) and comb with fantasy flowers ($9), both from Bloomingdale's., Illustration by Martha Vaughan for the Washington Post