Three fine new roses, the 1977 All America Award winners, are available for planting this spring. Most large garden centers should have them, and they are listed in the catalog of Star Roses, West Grove, Pa. 19390, which will be sent free upon request.

They are Double Delight, a bybrid tea; First Edition, a floribunda; and Prominent, a grandiflora.

Double Delight is described as one of the most outstanding hybrid teas ever produced. It has creamy-white and ruby-red coloring, the blooms are very large, averaging 5 1/2 to 6 inches in most gardens, with 35 to 45 broad petals making up the shapely flower.

The flowers are held erect on long, strong stems, and are produced continuously throughout the season.The formal, high-centered blooms have a strong, pleasing fragrance, which resembles a blend of spice and anise. As the blooms age on the bush, more and more red appears until, at the petal dropping stage the flowers are almost all crimson.

The bush habit is upright-spreading, being quite bushy and of average or a little taller height. The foliage is a deep glossy-green and is abundant.

Double Delight was created by Herbert C. Swim, and is the result of a cross between Granada and Garden party, which bring into its ancestry such famous roses as Peace, Charlotte Armstrong, Tiffany, Crimson Glory, Margaret McGredy and Talisman.

First Edition, the floribunda, produces great clusters of 2 1/2-inch blooms, in which the yellow, orange and red shades blend to provide a distinctive coral. It has the desirable floribunda characteristic of constantly bearing masses of blooms throughout the growing season, with the coral color deepening as the nights become cool in the fall.

The plant developes into a broad, mounded 2 1/2-foot brush, just right for use as a front row to border a planting of hybrid teas and grandifloras.

Created by Georges Delbard, of France, First Edition is a cross between Zambra and one of Delbard's own outstanding seedlings.

Prominent, the grandiflora, is a brilliant hot-orange shaded yellow at the base of the petals. The flowers are comparatively small, measuring about 3 inches across, and maintain their bright color without fading throughout their life on the brush. the blooms often last 10 days when cut.

The plant is a tall vigorous grower, with a abundant dark green foliage. It is rated as highly disease reistant.

Hybridized by Reimer Kordes of Germany, Prominent has received awards in Europe and a gold medal in Portland in 1975.