Newspapers run comic strips so whey shouldn't TV news program? That question will be posed to the brass at ABC, CBS and NBC in the near future by Jackson Leighter, a producer who has acquired the TV rights to the popular Andy Capp comic strip.

Leighter says that instead of doing only occasional half-hour or 60-minute animated specials for television, the wants to do a daily Andy Capp cartoon that would be a fixture in an evening news program, just as the strip is in newspapers around the world. The segments would run 60 seconds on Sundays and 30 seconds on other days and would be designed solely as entertainedment, he said.

"It will be exactly the same format as Andy Capp is now, with no reference to topical things at all," Leighter said, "other than the fact that male chauvinism is topical today," Capp is a classic chauvinist.

The format has been approved by Reg Smythe, the strip's creator, and is now being developed for presentation to the newworks by animator Jean DeJoux, the producer said Leighter said Smythe has been drawing Andy Capp for about 16 years but withheld the TV rights until his proposal, while appealed to him because each segment would last about the tto read one of his four-panel newspaper installments.