This is one of the classic ways of preparing dog, but dogmeat lovers should be warned that this dish is Szechwanese in origin and very spicy.

First, obtain a well fattened puppy, about nine months old, preferably one fed large amounts of rice. After killing it, remove its hair by scalding and then cut the carcass into about six to eight pieces. Boil for one hour and then cut the meat into small cubes.

Combine one pound of the dog meat with one egg white which has been mixed with four tablespoons of cornstarch and a pinch of salt. Let stand for at least 15 minutes.

Combine four tablespoons of bean sauce, two tablespoons of Szechwan chili paste with garlic, two tablespoons of rice wine or dry sherry and eight cloves of garlic split in half. Add the dog mixture.Stir-fry very quickly until the meat turns light brown. (It will be darker in color than chicken but lighter than beef.) Remove the meat and drain well.

Pour off all but two tablespoons of oil from the wok, add 10 or more dried red chili peppers, cut in thirds with the seeds removed. Fry for 15 seconds, remove the peppers, add the sauce and the dog and fry for one minute until well-combined.

Remove the dog toa serving plate. Sprinkle with freshly roasted peanuts and serve.