Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

The 20 winners of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards were treated to the pleasant informality of Hickory Hill Sunday night.

On an idyllic evening, as the family dogs mingled with the guests and a young Kennedy drove a tractor around the lawn, the winners got to meet most of the entire Kennedy clan, headed by 85-year-old Rose.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) handed out citations to the winning journalishts midway in the reception, noting that their work represented "the concern of Robert Kennedy and the country."

It seemed a proud moment for guests. One who received honorable mention, E. W. Faircloth, a photographer with The Burlington County (N.J.) Times, gave his wife his camera to take his picture while receiving the award from Kennedy.

The grand prized winners were Acel Moore and Wendell Rawls, whose series on abuses at the Fairview (Pa.) state hospital for the criminally insane appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer and also won a Pulitzer.

Shortly after the awards were given, Ethel Kennedy came to the rescue of one of her two white fluffy miniature Maltese, removing a stubborn tick from the dog's face. Catching up a visitor with a report on the family's animals, she noted the passing last week of the long-time faithful Freckles, a favorite of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy who often took the dog along on campaign trips.