SOMETHING HAPPENED the other night when I was watching the fourth David Frost-Richard Nixon interview, which a friend of mine calls the "Rich Man, Poor Man and Now Richer Man" series.

I found myself more interested in watching David Frost than I was Nixon. There is something compeling about Frost's personality that Nixon lacks. Perhaps it's his forthright manner, or maybe it's his striped shirt, but every time he asked a question I sat up in my chair and when Nixon answered it I dozed off to sleep.

After watching Frost for four programs I started to ask myself, "When did Frost know about Watergate, and how much did he know?" We have been told that Frost taped 28 hours with Nixon. We have only seen six of them. What happedned to the other tapes? Is there a cover-up going on? Doesn't the public have the right to know everything that went on during those tedious sessions in San Clemente?

Were there any gaps in the TV tape because of poor lighting or planes flying overhead? Did Frost obstruct Nixon from answering a question about his crimes? And what about Frost's tax returns? Will he pay income taxes in the United States or will the money be shipped out of the country?

Can Frost be impeached by Alpo Dog Food Co. for forcing Nixon to admit the President is above the law? Can he be made to resign as a TV interviewer for failing to ask why Nixon didn't burn the tapes?

And will Frost receive a pardon from President Carter after putting us through the long nightmare of Watergate once again?

The only way these questions can be answered is by setting up a Speical Prosecutor's Office, and finding out what Frost's real role was in all this. I would suggest some respected lawyer such as Archibald Cox to head the investigation.

I think all the TV tapes should be subpoenaed, and if any crime has been committed the evidence should be turned over to the grand jury.

I am not accusing David Frost of any wrong-doing. But the country has to know all the facts if we are ever to get to the bottom of the Nixon affair.

Six hours of television is not enough to tell us all things we wanted to know, not only about Watergate, but also Kissinger's relations with the former President. We know that Nixon and Kissinger prayed together in Lincoln's sitting room. What we don't know is what they were praying for. Was Nixon praying for Haldeman and Ehrichman? Was Kissinger praying that Ford would keep him on? This was a crucial period in America's history. We have to assume that whatever Nixon prayed for, his prayers weren't answered. But we can't be sure of Kissinger. Did he make a secret deal with the powers that be which we still don't know about? Was Frost privy to what was said in those prayers?

And did Frost and Nixon pray together after they finished their interviews? And was this taped?

Until these questions are answered the American people will continue to agonize. The only solution is to have Frost testify under oath as to what his role was in covering up w

We know that Nixon may try for a comeback after the TB series, but the question on everyone's mind is whether Frost can make a comeback? Will the public ever forgive him for bringing Nixon back into our homes?

Will David Grost have to live for the rest of his life with the image of the first man who interviewed Richard Nixon on television, after the resignation? Or will he be remembered for the good things he did before he signed up Nixon? Only time will tell.