READ THIS FIRST. From the way Bobby Baker and Edward Bennett Williams were carrying on in The Palm bar Friday night, you'd have thought they hadn't seen each other in 10 years. Have they? . . . Seen last Thursday: David Frost leaving the White House in the afternoon and Barry Goldwater Jr. doing some heavy cruisiing at The Apple Tree that night . . . Hamilton and Nancy, your neighbors called to complain that you're putting your garbage out two days head of pick-up time - will you please take care of that? . . . Tom Scanlon is still putting on his big Peace Corps push. Scanlon was seen huddling Saturday night at Tiberio with his old Peace Corps mentor, Notre Dames Father Hesburgh . . . and you should have heard the Republican ladies under the dryers at Lucien et Eivind carp when they heard Eivind was going to South America with Rosalynn Carter - at taxpayers expense, no less - and wouldn't be around for next week's appointments.

Incidentally, if the way the First Lady's press office handled preparations forRosalynn's South American trip is any indication, then press secretary Mary Hoyt and crew had better shape up their act. While several reporters were miffed over what they considered the snippiness of some staffers - like Hoyt's secretary Faith Collins (ABSOLUTELY no relation, folks) - others felt they were not getting a straight answer as to how the hand-picked members of the press accompanying Rosalynn were chosen.

Finally, last week, Women's Wear Daily's Susan Waters, who was not allowed to go even though she claims she was one of the first to apply for the trip, stood up at a press briefing and asked Hoyt exactly what the criteria had been in press selection. The reply? "Our own."

Do yourselves a favor, ladies. Ask Jody for some tips on press relations.

Newbold Noyes who now lives in Hardvard, Mass., (not to be confused with The Harvard , you understand) was recently seen raking leaves in a coat and tie.

The edict has been issued. Hamilton Jordan told his troops to go all out on the push to get the universal voter registration bill through. And as a result, last week Ham's boys got 14 previously undecided House members to indicate a yes vote with six more leaning that way. But, of course, that was before recess. And we all know what Memorial Day can do, don't we?

The Bobbsey Twins have NOT found a home. Jerry Rashoon and Pat Caddell are only housesitting at Yolande Fox's R Street poolhouse (known as the R Street Beach to insiders). Nonetheless, the boys are throwing their first housewarming tonight. And are simply exhausted after ordering all that food and liquor. Wonder if Rafshoon invited Mieke Tunney, after all? And one more thing, the guys are looking for someone to do their laundry. Applicants could probably call the White House.

The cocktail circuit reports that gin is now outdistancing vodka, wine and beer as tthe brew to guzzle.