An advertisement for Embassy ice cream describes it as "naturally delicious." The text of the ad says: "The taste of Embassy Dairy's natural flavor ice cream may be unreal, but the ingredients are not."

The ad goes on to say that the ice cream is "an all natural flavor product that lets the real goodness come through.

Some Embassy Dairy ice creams are colored artificially.

The American Dairy Association has been advertising butter as "One table spread made without chemical preservatives, additives and artificial flavor."

The ad does not mention that, depending on the time of year, butter may be artificially colored.

Ice cream, butter and natural cheeses are almost the only foods whcih do not have to list their ingredients on the label. By July 1979, ice cream will be required to list its ingredients with theexception of artificial coloring. If the company does not wish to list artificial coloring, the Food and Drug Administration, which has jurisdiction over such regulations, will not be able to force the manufacturers to do so. There is a law, passed by Congress, that specifically exempts ice cream, butter and natural cheeses from declaring the presence of artificial colors.

Sometimes label reading can be fun. A company called Oregon Fruit Products, which cans fruits grown in Oregon along with some other items, amuses while it informs.

It's blackberry can says: "We figure that there are still 162,345,000 Americans do not use our blackberries. That bodies our mind. Still so many underprivileged fellow citizens."

The red raspberry label says: "No foolin', our berries look as nice as their picture but fumbly old us just can't keep from bruising them as we can and process them. Please don't be disappointed if they've aged a bit since they've had their picture taken. Looks aren't everything."

The can of Thompson's seedless grapes says they are good on morning cereal and using them keeps you out of the sugar bowl. "No seeds. Safe for kids and geriatrics (a new nice name for us old folks)."

Then there is the information which accompanies the nutrition labeling on their tomato aspic: "You don't use a product of this type for nutrition but we thought you might be interested in the information."