Joe Allbritton just brought the Judge Murdock house on Football Road - Sight unseen - for $385,000 CASH (well, let's put it this way, Barbara Jean has seen it, but Joe Hasn't) . . . Cincinnati socialite Britty Page is still telling friends that she and Sen. Ed Brooke are just platonic, but we hear Britty is moving to Washington . . . Isn't it nice how Andrew Young is growing up to be the Martha Mitchell of the Carter administration? . . . Russell Train just bought the house next door to Frank and Jane Ikard on Kalorama Square while NBC's Richard Valeriani just put his cash down on a fabulous Arizona Avenue pad . . . Did you know that Joan Tobin's godmother is Queen Juliana of the Netherlands? . . . Alex Orfila didn't know who Truman Capote was when the writer's name came up during Orfila's goodbye party for Kissinger. Capote's response: "Mr. Orfila should read my royalty statements from Argentina. I'm the most popular American writer here . . ." Frank Mankiewicz and Pat Buchanan are doing combat every morning on WRC radio at 7:45 and 9:45 a.m. - Frank says "Buchanan is the last defender of Richard Nixon who doesn't need approval of his probation officer to go to a radio station" . . . and the most attractive political widow at parties these days is Nancy Jordan - we'd be careful if we were you, Ham.