Reprinted from yesterday's late editions Tammy Wynette's marital ups and downs may have supplied her with most of her material, but it is her voice which gives those sentimental songs their power.

Wynette, who spends nearly half each year on the road, brought the latest version of her Nashville Sound to Wolf Trap and 5,000 country fans Monday night.

"Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad," "D-i-v-o-r-c-e" and the moving "Til I Can Make It on My Own" are all such personal songs that they verge on the intrusive. Both as a songwriter and interpreter of other writers' works, Wynette is the most professional and yet sincere country artist in the business.

Ex-husband George Jones may be out of Wynette's Nashville and Florida homes, but he is as much a part of her act as ever. He moves in and out of her songs, her jokes, references to family and career. "Where's George?" she says everyone asks. "No ma'am, I doubt we'll get back together."

Wynette still works the crowd like the old pros who grew up on the country-fair circuit. After her show, she returned to the stage to sign autographs and "anything within reason? - which included an embroidered Indian shirt and a dirty sneaker.