Reprinted from yesterday's late edition.

The Tony Martin-Cyd Charisse show, which opened Tuesday night at the Shady Grove Music Theater for a week, has a truth-in-packaging problem, among other things.

Tony Martin opens it by singing "C'est Magnifique" (which he badly mispronounces) and then disappears for an hour and a half. One begins to believe the program notes with his lovely wife, Cyd Charrise, at the Empire Room of the Waldor Astoria."

What then follows is a company which calls itself The Folies Bergere (badly mispronouncing the name). The highlight of this questionable franchise is a tap dancer imitating a llama (mispronouncing its name).

Martin promised in the introduction that the show would be dirty, and indeed paets of it are done topless. But it is neither frankly dirty nor quite clean, just unpleasantly murky. Martin and Charisse make their appearance at 10:15 p.m. Famous for their ersatz elegance, a fantasy world of what "society" would be like if Hollywood produced it, they have removed it one more step for the road show. The result is a dirtied-up version which gives them a sad appearance of an over-the-hill Sonny and Cher.