Jennifer Brice was a teacher of charm and dance for the D.C. Recreation Department when she was hired by Stephen Burrows the first time she walked into his showroom in November 1976 to show her portfolio. Last month she was chosen Best Model of the Year by International Mannequins, a promotional modeling agency. Past winners of the award for black models, which is in its third year, are Naomi Sims and Beverly Johnson.

Former Secretary of State William Rogers divided his week between his law firm offices in New York and Washington and divides his wardrobe similarly. New York got his three-piece suits - "Vests seem more appropriate up there," he said.

London designer Zandra Rhodes likes the braless look under clothes, but wants the warmth of undergarments without ruining the "naked" line. So she has done a group of topless daywear lingerie for Eve Stillman that covers the torso if not the breasts. The lingerie, which also includes more covered-up styles, has lace designed by Rhodes incorporating her signature lilies as well as her name.

Counting the half-dozen French Chemise Lacoste shirts that Jerry Haliber is saving for an "emergency," his alligator shirt collection now totals 51. He started collecting them in 1955 and so far has retired only four. His are all cotton, sized extra grand patron, the extra extra large size, in every color made. When they stopped importing the French version to the United States, Haliber, who works for the Department of Transportation, panicked and bought all he could find. "I don't need them, but I just love them," says Haliber, who is currently has them folded into two bureau drawers but is negotiating with his wife for a third.

The fact that there will be fewer Fiorucci shopping bags on the New York-Washington shuttle has nothing to do with a declining interest in Fiorucci, the trendy New York boutique. Several of their items - specifically, jeans with the bawdyhouse token, gold bags and T-shirts - have already begun to infiltrate the stocks of Up Against the Wall on M Street. According to Wendy Ezrailson, Up Against the Wall will have a full Fiorucci department in the fall.

The sexy lingerie that Bianca Jagger, Angela Bowie and Petula Clark buy at Janet Reger on Brook Street in London will be available in Washington shortly at a shop called Docktor Feelgood's Love Boutique that will open next door to the Aged Women's Home in Georgetown. According to Gabby Bobrow, jeans mogul who represents Faded Glory locally and who is one of the financial backers of the new shop, the boutique will carry sensuous apparel, body jewelry and body oils and lotions, plus custom-made spike heel shoes and boots, retailing for up to $300. (The Faded Glory wholesale operation will be moved to the second floor of the shop.)

Little Orphan Annie should be seen - and certainly heard - but not worn. So say the authors of the hit Broadway play "Annie," who got a restraining order this week in New York State Supreme Court against Bonwit Teller, the post New York-based specialty store, and childrenswear manufacturer Bow Age, barring them from promoting dresses with the likeness of Little Orphan Annie and her dog, Sandy. The order contends that they were "exploiting the success of the show." A store sopkesman had no immediate comment.