Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

Jimmy Carter and Carlos Andres Perez resumed their bilateral talks in a surprise post-midnight session Tuesday night when the Venezuela president returned to the White House from Blair House.

The two leaders had parted less than an hour earlier at the end of a state dinner the Carters gave in honor of President and Mrs. Perez.

They sat together in the front row on the South Lawn watching a special balle performance by two American Ballet Theater stars. Afterward, the two couples, accompanied by the Carters' daughter Amy, 9, strode up to the state to personally thank the dancers.

Then the entourage strolled back to the White House, up the South Portico staircase and waved goodnight to the black-tie guests watching from the lawn. Presumably, the Carters escorted the Perezes to the front door.

Later, however, a spokesman for the Venezuelan leader said that Perez had returned to the White House after midnight to continue discussions he and Carter had carried on during the day.

In their toasts, Carter and Perez traded praise of each other's leadership and hereditary national friendship. The Venezuelan used th occasion to deliver a lengthy speech touching on human rights, a repeated call for North-South dialogues between developing and developed countries, a new economic order and OPEC.

The objectives of OPEC, Perez said, are not focused on oil prices but on the achievement of a new international order. "No one has to fear it: it acts responsibly," he said.

Speaking for nearly 45 minutes, in contrast to Carter's brief 10-minute welcome, the Venezuelan leader warned that, "The Third World wishes to negotiate and talk - the other alternative is confrontation."

Perez spoke in Spanish, pausing at intervals so that his remarks could be translated.

Carter alluded to his wife's diplomatic mission in Latin America and especially her absence, which coincided with that of other members of the Carter family.

"I was here all alone," the President said, mentioning a cartoon in a Milwaukee newspaper as especially appropriate. It showed his press secretary, Jody Powell, with him and "I was saying 'I don't give a damn about Idi Amin. Where's Rosalynn?'"

The 115 guests seated at round tables in the State Dining Room broke into laughter.

The visitors had been characterized by the State Department in biographies widely distributed to all who would be hosts throughout the Perezes' visit Perez was described as "efficient, through and decisive," and his wife, " a short, somewhat plump woman with large, expressive black eyes."

The other men in the official Venezuelan party were variously described as "highly intelligent," "vigorous," "efficient," "brilliant," and "cultivated." One of them the biography continued, Minister of Information and Tourism Diego Arria Salicetti, "has been mentioned as a posible candidate for the 1978 presidential election." The only other woman officially described in the party is his wife, "an attractive blonde about 30 years old."

The biographers were distributed by the Visits Section of the Office of Protocol. A spokesperson said she did not know who wrote them.

Because of the uncertain weather, two stages had been set up for after-dinner entertainment. The entertainers were Cynthia Gregory and Ted Kivit, principal dancers from American Ballet Theater, in selections from "Giselle."

Gregory and Kivit had been selected by Mrs. Carter and requested to do "something classical." They also did a contemporary "Grand Pass Classique."

Amy Carter did not attend the dinner - her brother Chip reported that she preferred to watch TV - but she went afterward to the ballet. "She used to want to be a ballerina," her brother said, "but now she wants to be a violinist." He said he understood that she planned to begin violin lessons in the fall.

As for the toasts, Chip Carter said not all the champagne had been drunk by the time glasses were raised in tribute. "Everybody at my table had a little bit left."

And what did he think of President Perez's speech? "Having just come back from China, it was a short toast," he said with a grin.