When Connecticut Avenue traffic was first disrupted by subway construction, it was suggested here that a much longer stretch of Rock Creek Parkway and Beach Drive should be made one-way during rush hours.

Jack Fish, director of the National Capitol Region of National Capital Parks, wasn't keen about attracting a massive flow of urban traffic into his beloved park, but he recognized the need to help move people to and from their jobs. He asked his traffic engineers to take a look at the problem.

Months passed with no word of progress. All I could learn was that this wasn't exactly a top priority project for the Park Service.

Now, however, I hear from a friend who is close to the engineering study that it is almost finished. Park Service people are completing "the final engineering details" and hope to make an announcement soon. I'm told.

I haven't been able to find out how soon "soon" is, nor do I know how much of the parkway they're going to include in the one-way plan. It seems to me that, to be meaningful, the plan would have to go well beyond the Zoo, but let's wait and see.