Who was just given the Woman of the Year Award by the Appeal of Conscience Foundation? Oh, you're so right. It was Iranian Shabanou Frarh (the Shah's wife, not Lee's) Diba yesterday in New York.

F.D. by the by, was over at the Colorado Aspen Institute over th Glorious Fourth weekend. There she attended a picnic thrown by Aspen patron Robert Anderson.There the serious-minded FBI agents swarmed all over the place after threats that Algerian-trained Iranian students were on their way over from Denver and Texas to cause trouble.There "Death to the Shah and Queen" was spraypainted all over the Aspen music festival tent the night before. Undaunted Farah Diba wore her "pink Iranian cowboy suit," her boots and a Stetsen. But no for long.

"She changed clothes about 19 times a day and wears the highest spike heels I've ever seen," reported on visitor with a flair for counting. Our old friends Ardeshir the Z was her escort. He is a changed man. Aspen ladies went unpinched by the Z. "I live only for my daughter," said Zshedi.

"When one has a family to bring up," sights J. Carter Brown, who almost does, "one needs a little place in the country and a place in town, doesn't one?"

Oh, to be sure, one definitely does. Especially when one is J. Carter Brown, who will soon be having A Little One.Last fall the National's nabob picked up a 75-acre farm in Fauquier County, Va., for a piddling $200,000. Now he's also picked up the Harkness House at 3035 Dumbarton. Rumor had it that he forked over $450,000 for the little place in town. Carter says it was only in "the $300,000." Carter also says his contract for the house is just your average, boring old contract though we hear it's just loaded with contingencies - one of which is contingency that none of the contigencies can be discussed with ANYBODY. Do you wnat Carter evicted? Of couse you don't. Tear up this item into little bits, and swallow them.