There's nothing like a little heat to remind the English that they are in another world. The so-called "new" world, that is, where for the past week 380 English men, women and children from Newcastle Upon Tyne have been exchange visitors in the newly-launched Friendship Force.

While Atlanta temperatures soared to nearly 100 degrees over the weekend, the Geordies sought relief by accompanying host families to the cooling waters of nearby Georgia lakes or to an open-air concert of the Atlanta Symphony.

"It was 60 degrees Farenheit when we left Newcastle," said one visitor, and that was the heat spell."

An American hostess said there was no problem finding things for her visitors to do. "The neighbors have all come over with offers to entertain." She said, "Everybody wants to get in the act."

Although, more than 500 Atlanta families have gotten into the act. The other night, for instance, two Atlanta police detectives took Newcastle Detective Constable Janis McDade with them on their nightly rounds of the downtown area where she expressed surprised at the number of prostitutes.

"The detectives I was with knew them all, they would stop and say hello to them," said McDade, adding. "I never realized there were so many; we don't have anything like that number. It was very interesting."

There have been tours of other Goergia sights as well including Atlanta's Omni International, a huge shopping gallery and hotel where the visitors ate hotdogs and watermelon. The sang a rousing chorus of "God Save the Queen," and then, because they already knew the tune, wound up with a chorus of "My Country Tis of Thee."