Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

Household names generally have a hard time keeping their live show from sounding like the local juke box but Fleetwood Mac proved they can deliver in person as well as on record before a jammed Capital Centre Tuesday night.

Kenny Loggins opened the show, fronting a less disciplined but more exuberant band than the old Loggins and Messina troupe. Completely over a hand injury that wiped out his guitar playing on the last Loggins and Messina tour, he began with lively versions of tunes from the recently released "Celebrate Me Home."

But it was the old material, including "Danny's Song" "House At Pooh Corner," and blazing versions of "Angry Eyes" and "Vahevalla," that brought the people out of their seats.

Fleetwood Mac took all but two of it's 20 songs from it's two stellar-selling albums, "Rumours" and "Fleetwood Mac," but superb instrumentation kept the pieces from going stale.

Lindsay Buckingham, one of rock's least indulgent and most tasteful guitarists, blasted off solo after searing solo which almost single-handedly saved the scraggly harmonies on "Go Your Own Way" and made "I'm So Afraid" one of the highlights of the evening.

Throughout, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood kept up a persistent rhythm section from which Buckingham could soar without losing track of the song's structure.

There were lapses. Only "Landslide" and "Song Bird," the final encore, offered a change of pace from consistent boogie. Stevie Nicks, suffering from a throat ailment which has caused cancellation of some shows during this tour, bent the melody line of "Rhiannon" into a middle range and then took her witch incarnation a bit far, walking zombie like through most of the song but displaying surprising vocal power in the refrain.