Guests at Wednesday's White House dinner for Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Helmut Schmidt and Mrs. Schmidt :

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany Hans-Dietrich Genscher and Mrs. Genscher.

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Berndt von Staden and Mrs. von Staden; Manfred Schueler, state secretary, Federal Chancellery; Klaus Boelling, state secretary and Chief of the press and information office; Dieter Hiss, assistant secretary for economic affairs, Federal Chancellery; Juergen Ruhfus, assistant secretary for political affairs, Federal Chancellery; Klaus Blech, assistant secretary for political affairs, Federal Foreign Office; Franz-Joachin Schoeller, chief of protocol, Federal Foreign Office;

Hans L. Ewaldsen, president of the board of directors, Babcock Co. (German branch); Rudolf Hillebrecht, chairman of the-German Academy for Urban Development and Regional Planning, Hannover;

Alexander Kluge, film producer and director, and chairman of the Assn. of Modern German Film Producers; members of the board of directors, Rhine-Westphalian Electricity Co.

Gerd Muhr vice charman of the governing board of the German Trade Union Federation; Herbert Stadelmaier chairman of the Trade Union for Food and Restaurant Workers:

Vice President Walter F. Mondate;

Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and Mrs Vance;

Secretary of Defense Harold Brown and Mrs. Brown;

Bert Lance, director of Office of Management and Budget and Mrs. Lance;

Zbigniew Brzezinski assistant to the President for national security affairs;

Robert S. Strauss, special representative for trade negotiations, and Mrs. Strauss;

Sen. Russell B. Long (D-La.) and Mrs. Long;

Sen. John Tower (R-Texas) and Mrs. Tower;

Sen. Thomas J. Mcintrye (D-N.H.) and Mrs. Mcintyre;

Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) and Mrs. Nunn;

Rep. Philip Burton (D-Calif) and Mrs. Burton;Rep. Ed Jones (D-Tenn.) and Mrs. Jones;

Rep. Yvonne B. Burke (D-Calif.) and Mrs. Burke;

Rep. Gladys N. Spellman (D-Md.) and Mrs. Spellman;

Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) and Mrs. Waxman;

Robert J. Lipshutz, counsel to the President, and Mrs. Lipshutz;

Jody Powell press secretary to the President, and Mrs. Powell;

Anthony M. Solomon, under secretary of the Treasury for Monetary affairs, and Mrs. Solomon;

Walter J. Stoessel, Jr. U.S. ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, and Mrs. Stoessel;

Chief of Protocal Evan Dobelie and Mrs. Dobelie;

David Araon, deputy assistant to the Presient for national security affairs;

George Vest. assistant secretary of State for European affairs, and Mrs. Vest;

William G. Hyland, staff member National Security Council, and Mrs. Hyland;

David E. Bolen, deputy assistant secretary of State for African affairs and ambassador designate to the German Democratic Republic, and Mrs Bolen;

Henry D. Owen, personal representative of the President;

Dr. and Mrs. Tillman Bauknight of Cleveland Heights, Ohio;

Anthony A. Bliss, N.Y.C., exec. dir., Metropolitan Opera Association, Inc., and Mrs, Bliss;

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Brown of Washington D.C.;

Dr. and Mrs. Milton F. Bryant of Atlanta, Ga.

Mr. and Mrs. Donnel Jeffrey Carter;

Mrs Lilian Carter;

Stanely Cloud, Time, Inc. and Mrs. Cloud;

Frank Cormier, Associated Press, and Mrs. Cormier;

Kenneth M. Curtis, chairman, Democratic National Committee, and Mrs. Curtis;

Donna M. Doll of Boston, Mass;

Mayor Richard G. Hatcher of Gary Ind., and Mrs. Hatcher;

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Jones of Columbus Ga.;

Vice Mayor Joseph A. Jordan Jr. of Norfolk, Va., and Mrs. Jordon;

Lane Kirkland, Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO, and Mrs. Kirkland;

Eleanor Jane Mondale, daughter and guest of the Vice President;

Mary Narrish of Ambridge, Pa.;

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ochampaugh of Gaylord Mich.;

Richard Rodgers, composer and Mrs. Rodgers;

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Silva of Reedley, Calif.;

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stevin of Pecria Ill.

Hannah Sonnenberg, guest of Maurice Sonnenberg;

Maurice Sonnenberg of New York, N.Y.;

Bruce Thomas, chairman CMI Investment Corp., Madison, Wis., and Mrs. Thomas;

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Townsend of Jasper, Ga.;

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Vellenga of Glavlord Mich.;

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Washington of Washington, D.C.;

Lillian Weigel, guest of Mary Narrish;

Mr. and Mrs. Morton L. Weiss of Chicago Ill.;

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Williamson of Minot, N.D.;

Phil Wise guest of Donna Doll;

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Withers Sr. of Memphis. Tenn.