One of President Carter's main priorities is to cut the White House staff by 28 per cent in order to save $6 million. The President would like to reduce the number of people working in the White House from 485 to 351, and while all the details have not been worked out many of the staff members will have double up on jobs if Mr. Carter expects to meet his quota.

While the plans aren't firm this is how the reorganization now looks on paper.

Jody Powell, the press secretary, will still continue briefing the media in the morning. But in the afternoon he will be put in charge of the White House dog kennel. Mr Carter believes that Mr. Powell's experience with the press makes him the obvious choice for feeding and watering the animals.

Hamilton Jordan, the President's assistant will also take on the duties of cutting the lawn, seeing that the bushes around the White House are trimmed, and will watch the tourists as they move through the public rooms of the White House to make sure they don't take anything away as souvenirs.

Bert Lance, the head of the Office of Management and Budget, will double as head cashier of the White House employees credit union.

Mr. Lance, who formerly headed a bank in Atlanta, Ga., will have the authority to make loans as high as $150 without taking it to the Secretary of the Treasury.

Walter Mondale will continue as Vice President, when needed. But he will take on the further responsibility of running the transportation pool and seeing that all the cars at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. are gassed up and in working order.

Joan Mondale will work as housekeeper at Blair House, making sure it is always ready for a visit from a head of state. Assisting her in this task will be the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who will be ferried over from the Pentagon to sweep and make beds and prepare breakfast when an important guest is staying there.

Rosalynn Carter will be in charge of the upstair at the White House and Lillian Carter will be in charge of the downstairs. But the heavy cleaning will be done by members of the National Security Council.

Amy Carter will man the White House situation room when she finishes school each day, from 4 until midnight. Then she'll be relieved by her Uncle Billy, who also will be in charge of the wine cellar which is located in the same area.

Joe Califano's cook at HEW will be in charge of preparing state dinners, at which Mr. and Mrs. Califano will be expected to serve when they are not invited there as official guests.

Andy Young will commute between the United Nations in New York and Washington three times a week to act as the White House doctor. In an emergency Amy Carter's nurse will handle minor surgery and dental work.

The President also plans to replace the crew members of Air Force One with his sister, Ruth Stapleton, as soon as she can get her pilot's license.

These are only a few of the changes now on the drawing board. To set an example the President also intends to double up his own duties. Whiel no one will comment on what he will do in this area, a visitor to the White House told reporters he was in the Oval Room recently when Mr. Carter was measuring Vice President Mondale for a new pair of pants.