Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

June was a sticky month this summer and July was practically unbearable. But August . . . oh, August.

Just the mention of it makes many Washingtonians head away from the city and toward the cool breezes of the ocean or mountains. Traditionally, it is a very bad month in which to throw a party.

But Alejandro Orfila, the secretary general of the Organization of American States, undaunted by the weather, hosted a cocktail party Tuesday night at his home on California Avenue NW for more than 100 persons.

There really was no reason for the party, according to Orfila; it was just a celebration for celebration's sake.

"It is just an excuse to get people together, many who are involved with OAS are here," Orfila said. "After all that's what diplomacy is all about . . . keeping in contact."

"It is so expensive to go anywhere these days for a vacation, and you just end up being pushed and crowded anyway," rationalized the ambassador to the OAS from the Dominican Republic, Kemil Dipp-Gomez.

"Some people think it is just better to stay in Washington in the air-conditioning," he said.

Other guests included Mrs. Howard Burris, a member of the Wolf Trap board of associates; Richard Barrett, vice president of First Union Trust bank, and his wife; George Bunker of the Marietta Corp. and his wife, and Washington socialite Mrs. Peter Knoll.

Tandy Dickinson, associate of Korean entrepreneur Tongsun Park, and Susan Goldwater, recently divorced from Rep. Barry Goldwater (R-Calif.), also were guests at the party.

"New York used to be empty on summer weekends when people went on vacation, but it isn't anymore," Ambassador Dipp-Gomez said. "Maybe that's what's happening in Washington now."