To enumerate all the lists of Alan Hogenauer's making would require a publication of its own. But here are a few of the ones he has completed and a few which are still be mastered. Completed

New York Subways - a ride in each of the 30 divisions and lines of the New York City subway system.

Capital Postcards - a personal copy from every federal an state capital, all of which Hogenauer has visited.

United States by 4-degree Quadrants - a personal visit to some portion of each of the 78 quadrants shown on Hammond wall maps of the United States.

Fifty Richest Counties - a personal visit to each of the 50 wealthiest U.S. counties, based on the median family income in the sonel visit to all 153 U.S. cities with more than 100,000population, according to the 1970 Census.

Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas - visits to some portion of each of the 276 SMSA's designated by the Census Bureau in 1975.

President Burial Sites - a visit to the burial place of all 35 deceased U.S. Presidents.

Telephoned Area Codes - a visit to a portion of each of the 124 area code regions designated by MaBell.

Steam Rail travelling by steam-powered railroad on six continents.

Surface Meridians - a crossing, on the surface, all 360 degree-meridians in the world. To be COmpleted

U.S. By 3-degree Quadrants - of each of the 130 quadrants shown on the National Geographic U.S. wall map, Hogenauer has one to go.

Canadian Provinces - 11 down, one to go.

Continents - been to six, Antarctica still looms.

U.S. States by Bus - he's bused in all but two states and the District of Columbia.

Countries - of the 266 nations of the world, be still has to visit 162.

Ways of Traveling - of the 343 different ways Hogenauer says one can travel, he's done all but 73.

Columbian Departments - of the 32 departments (provinces), In Columbia, South America, he has four to go.

U.S. by rail - been to some point in all but two of the 302 separately framed Exxon road maps.

Rand McNally Guide Sites - visited 97 of 100 points of interest in United States in their 1964 guide.