EVERY TIME you have a "Son of Sam" type incident there is an outcry for some kind of national gun legislation that will hopefully prevent guns from getting into the hands of the "sickies" of which this country seems to have more than its share. Then as soon as the publicity dies down, the matter is forgotten until the next main media event gets people excited again.

The reason you can't get Congress to pass any decent anti-gun legislation is that one of the strongest lobbies in Washington is the National Rifle Association, and the weakest groups are the anti-gun people.

Finstermeister, who has been trying to get Congress to address itself to the problem, may have come up with a solution.

He told me, "We can't get representatives or senators to budge on gun control because no one pays any attention to us. They think we're kooks."

"You are a voice crying in the wilderness," I admitted.

"But there is a solution. I think the gun control people should hook up with the 'Right to Life' proponents."

"They're against abortion," I said.

"That's true. But why are they against abortion? Because they maintain you're killing someone when you remove a fetus. Since they're interested in saving the life of a person, it follows that they should work for gun control as well."

"But the National Rifle Association maintains that guns don't kill people - people kill people."

"That's true, but the majority of people killed are killed with guns. Now there is some question whether a fetus is a person or not. For the sake of getting the 'Right of Life' people on our side, I'm willing to buy 'the fetus is a person' theory, if they'll buy our thesis that a person being shot by a gun is also a live human being and should have the same protection as an unborn baby."

"That's a tough one for the 'Right to Life' lobby. Being anti-abortion is one thing, but when you want them to come out against killing real people with guns, you're opening a whole new can of beans."

"It's the same can," Finstermeister insisted. "You're either for life or against it. Whether it's a doctor who takes a life performing an abortion, or someone with a handgun drilling his wife or best friend, you're snuffing out someone. The 'Right to Life' people should be able to understand that. Even HEW Secretary Joe Califano should be able to understand it."

"But if you introduce gun control into the 'Right of Life' movement you might have a split in the organization," I protested. "Many 'Right to Life' people own guns."

"That's not my problem. They have to be consistent. If they're going to march on city hall, state capitals and the halls of Congress to save life, they can't ignore the gun issue. Listen, I have th