What makes a garden pretty? Lush planting, comfortable seating, good light, a blue sky, a brick path and a latticed wall can form the perfect combination for successful landscaping outdoors.

You can bring all of this into your house and have a garden indoors as well.

The appeal of a fresh-garden look is particularity widespread among city folk. There is something breathtaking about creating a dining patio in an ordinary room on the 10th or 15th floor of a high-rise apartment house in the midst of city streets.

In my work, however, I've found that the garden look is just as popular in the country or the suburbs as it is in the city. In a home I worked on recently, I designed a garden look for a dining room that faces on a driveway, not an especially pretty view. The room is just large enough for a round table and four comfortable chairs and little more, so I decided on trellis to create a patio feeling for the room. I painted the wall a pale robins-egg blue, and the trellis white.

To cover the upwanted view. I hung a thin polyester drapery - in the same pale blue as the walls - over the two windows, then covered these with [WORD ILLEGIBLE] trellis panels so that the entire room has the same look, windows and walls alike.

To give focus to the one unbroken wall, I used a trellis arch, a typical garden device to lead from one space to another. Many plants on either side of it give the feeling of a grand approach.

Trellis, incidentally, can be purchased in any garden shop in large sections that can be easily spray-painted to suit your taste. Leaving the trellis in its natural pale-wood finish is another option. This can be a smashing look against white walls, with the same pale color in a sisal carpet on the floor.

A new vinyl-asbestos tile that looks for all the world like whitewashed brick made a perfect solution for the floor in this relatively dark room, reflecting light back up on the walls and ceiling. To give a feeling of sky, the ceiling is painted a paler shade of the same robin's-egg blue that covers the walls.

The furniture is simple. Wicker armchairs painted white, with upholstered seat and back pads in a summery print of flowers on a pale blue background make comfortable and inviting dining chairs. A simple glass top is set on a white pedestal base for the dining table. A contemporary lighting dixture illuminates the dining area.

Recessed wall-washer lights at proper intervals on the periphery of the room light the trellis. Their dimmer swich can be adjusted to give the feeling of bright sun or early sunrise to this garden dining room indoors.