The suspect in the "Richard Avedon" case is, according to the combined descriptions of his victims, a white male, aged 44-48, between 6 feet 3 and 6 feet 6, and between 220 and 250 pounds.

He is partially bald and sometimes shaves off his black hair entirely. He has bad teeth with brown and yellow stains, a deep triangular scar on his forehead, another scar on his eyebrow and a deep scar on his left shoulder. He tells victims he was wounded while making photographs in Vietnam. He has a blue birthmark on one ankle and a tattoo on his right upper arm of a woman's name variously described as "Sandra," "Sondra," or "Sheila."

He tells his "marks" that his name is either Richard Avedon, Richard Avedon Jr., John Avedon (the son of Richard Avedon), Richard Avedon Dawson, and he occasionally uses the name Christopher Daniels, "the best friend" of Richard Avedon.

He is occasionally described as being personally dirty with extreme body odor.

He always tells his victims he is a famous photographer - although he never carriers a camera - and wants to use them as models. He always picks attractive women - many of whom are indeed professional models - and he always takes them out for drinks.

He will talk about a wife named Sheila who has recently died of cancer and of a 4-year-old daughter named Lisa.

He tells his potential victims that he wants to take them to New York, set them up in an apartment, buy them a new wardrobe. He tells them to get money for the trip - either by withdrawing savings, selling their automobiles or calling parents. He has them turn the cash over to him.

When he has a woman on the hook he never leaves her sight. When he has either completed the sting or sees that he is getting nowhere, he leaves her with the promise of a meeting the next day at the airport or her apartment. Then he never shows. He always makes reservations for the two of them in the name of Richard Avedon and the name of the victim. Sometimes he even has her make the reservations.

Often he will ditch her by taking her to the hairdressers, tipping the hairdresser $100, telling him to make her beautiful, saying he has a few errands, then never returning.