Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson proved that Heart is all you gotta have to enamor the crowds gathered at the Capital Centre for Wednesday night's triple billed concert of Heart, Sanford/Townsend and Prism.

Heart revealed its musical debt to the Pacific Northwest, especially the San Francisco sound of Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane. Group leader Ann Wilson displayed remarkable range as she moved from the more consciously art-rock songs, such as "sylvan song," to hard rockers, such as "Crazy Over You," with heavey emphasis on guitar and symthesizer.

The clarity of tone and variety in the texture of her voive was matched equally by the assured phrasing and harmonic counterpoint of her sister Nancy. Not since the days of California-based Joy of Cooking has there been a band where the female members so clearly (and rightfully) dominate.

Opening the concert was Prism, who did an adequate job under the always-difficult circumstances of playing to an audience that has come to hear someone else.

Sanford/Townsend followed Prism with an eightsong set. THe band's sound has a strong jazz-blues flavor, faintly reminiscent of Blood, Sweat and Tears: lead singer John Townsend's vocal approach is similar to David Clayton-Thomas, although he sings in a higher range.

Despite the enthusiastic response to Sanford, the pulse of this concert was calibtated by heart.