Few entertainers in the rock 'n' roll business have as much charisma as Rod Stewart. And his dancing, his light comic motif and general spontaneity at the Capital Centre on Saturday night only reinforced his appeal.

On his first American tour since 1975. Stewart and a handpicked band of American and British musicians marveled the audience with lively renditions of "Maggie May" and "Losing You."

Dressed in skin-tight balck spangled pants and jackets. Stewart moved through most of his hints, throwing in a few from his new album "Foot Loose 'n Fancy Free," almost as an aside. One of these new songs, "Hot Legs," is even more suggestive than "Tonight's the Night," continuing the classic Stewart tradition of self-mocking sexuality

His famous voice faltered a bit on "Tonight's the Night" but he more than made up for it on "Sweet Rock 'n' Roller."

This Chuch Berry tune with excellent guitar work by a former Berry sideman, Billy Peek proved to be the ultimate crowd pleaser.

The band as a whole shone throughout the evening with only an occasional flatness in tempo.

Stewart seemed to enjoy his performance as much as the audience did - bouncing and kicking soccer balls into the crowds (he is an avid fan of the game), and camping around the stage with a red silk scarf over his shoulder.

And although he later professed to be bothered by his vocal performance, he proved to his fans that he is still, in t he words of Jeff Beck, a "vocalist extraordinaire."