There are statistics on it, but both men and women note that women are becoming increasingly aggressive in their behavior toward men.

A divorced father and his two children were in a parking lot when a strange woman approached him. By way of introduction, she explained that she had just read a book which touted persuing what one wanted. After asking the man if he were married or involved with someone, she gave him a piece of paper with her name and phone number written on it. He did not call.

Another woman recalled being out with her brother and her mother for dinner. Half-way through the meal, the waiter approached her brother, bent down and whispered in his ear while nodding to a woman at another table who was smiling in his direction, and gave the man a note. On the paper was the woman's name and number and a compliment to the man on his appearance.

Still another woman recalled sitting in a bar with her boyfriend when a drink was sent over to him, "Compliments of the lady," said the waiter when he set the drink down indicating a woman at the far end of the bar. "It was the brassiest, boldest move I'd ever seen," recalls the girlfriend.

Columbia University sociologist Amital Etzion says that such behavior is likely to increase in the future. "You can almost tell who will do it, too," he says, maintaining that younger, more educated women are most likely to display such behavior. "It's the ones that are more likely to call a man up for a date."