Unfortunately, Rick Nelson may never outgrow the apple-pie image that has plagued his musical career since "Ozzie and Harriet" left prime time TV. This weekend at the Cellar.

Door, Nelson proved he has bona fide rock 'n' roll credentials.

Dressed like a Bloomingdale's version of David Bowie, Nelson put on a remarkably polished and exciting show Saturday night. Though his voice tends to remain in first gear while his Stone Canyon Band shifts into overdrive, he more than compensated through tight harmonies and clever pacing.

The Stone Canyon Band (Jay DeWitt White, Steve Duncan, Dennis Larden and steel-pedal playerTom Brumley) blazed through new songs and old hits. It's surprising how well the old songs stood up, and Nelson's debts to Elvis Presley and Everly Brothers were clearly in evidence.

At age 36 (and if you think that's depressing, he'll be 37 in February), Rick Nelson has left the malt shop for good.

Karla Bonoff opened Saturday night andshowed that the recent acclaim for her debut album is deserved. Her set included he best known compositions - "Lose Again," "Someone To Lay Down Beside Me," and "If He's Ever Near," all od which Linda Ronstadt also sings, and "Home," which Bonnie Raitt covered on her last album.

All were strikingly performed, though "Someone To Lay Down Beside Me" suffered by comparison because Bonoff and Ponstadt use the same instrumental arrangement and Bonoff doesnot have as wide a vocal range.