Here's a high-level bunk bed arrangement from Better Homes and Gardens magazine's project series that brings plenty of storage along with it. Use it to take advantage of unused space in the middle of a room. MATERIALS LIST

To build the units shown, you'll need:

Four 4 x 8 sheets of 3/4-inch plywood.

Two sheets of 1/2-inch plywood.

30 feet of 2x4s.

48 feet of 2x2s.

10 feet of 1-inch dowels.

8 feet of 3-inch pipe. DIRECTIONS

1. Build the wall unit first. Plan it 12 inches deeP, as high as your ceiling, and wide enough on the inside to receive the mattress you'll use (twin size is 39 inches). Use 3/4-inch plywood. Assemble the framework and then add the dividers.

2. Next build the chest. Make four drawer-support frames from 2x2s as shown in the drawing. (Here the chest is 18 inches deep.)

3. Assemble the sides, back and front frame with the drawer supports. Build the four drawers (or buy them ready-made from a building supply store, which is a better idea since making drawers requires precisioln tools and skills) and add center glides, allowing for clearance.

4. Build a bed-frame of 2x4s the same size as your mattress. With help, put chest and frame in position and clamp frame in place. Attach frame to the inside of the wall unit with lag screws and screw it to the chest. Then cover the frame with a 6-foot sheet of 3/4-inch plywood. For the sides and foot, nail on 12-inch-wide strips of plywood.

5. For the ladder, assemble a 2x4 frame 14 inches wide with a 1-inch dowel placed every 12 inches. For a fireman's pole, you can use any 3-inch-diameter metal pipe. Cut it to size and attach with flanges.