Remember the hip flask? That whisper-thin bottle designed to fit the contours of your seat? Well, it's back. Some party-poopers say it's just not right to carry one if Prohibition is off, but don't wait for the law to change. You don't even need a flapper with rouged knees draped on your arm - no longer the darling of the college set, hip flasks now find homes in the pockets of many a winter-sports aficionado. SInce football fans come in all shapes and sizes, the accommodating nip bottle does the same.

Grouped in threes, starting from left rear, English pewter by Sheffield $28.50, $24.95, $15 at Charles Schwartz & Son. Second from left, glass with black leather case by Herz $11 at Camelier & Buckley; red-one-white plastic $1.50 at Eddie Bauer; English hammered pewter $15 at Hoffritz. Center rear, aluminum canteen $1.59 at Sonny's Surplus; English polished pewter flasks with leather trim $22.50, $20, $15 at Brooks Brother. Rear, second from right, flass flask with imitation leather shoulder holster $10 at Hoffritz; German plastic flask with buffalo calf trim $21.50 at Hoffritz; English ladies' pewter flask $23 at Hoffritz. Alone, far right, antique sterling silver flask $5 to $55 at antique and secondhand stores.