Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

The list of regrets to Hill and Knowlton's twin celebration Thursday - marking the firm's 05th anniversary and the publication of its newest "Directory of Key Government Personnel" - read like the pages from its own new director.

Almost anybody who is anybody in government never got to the Hill and Knowlton reception, which was held at the same time the Humphrey celebration was beginning at the Washington Hilton.

Robert Gray, Hill and Knowlton executive vice president and party host, said it "wasn't too devasting" when the H. and K. people realized their party timing was not the best, and pointed out the presence of Sens. Robert Dole (R-Kans.) and Carl Curtis (R-Nebr.), and Eugene McCarthy.

BUt Gray didn't say anything about the turndowns from a host of White House officials, Cabinet officers, and members of Congress. About 1,100 invitations were sent out, but only about 300 persons rattled around the Press Club ballroom.

The main thing, Gray said, was the publication of the new government directory, billed by the firm as having 1,798 characters and no plot. It's 108 pages, is distributed free, and reveals who's in what job and their phone and room numbers.

The book should be more of a success than the party. It's so up-to-date even Bert Lance's name got pulled out in time.

Gray said one year G. Harrold Carswell made the director as a Supreme Court justice.